NEW TREND – Sip and See Parties

One of the newest trends that are starting to see with respect to baby showers is more and more couples are having a Sip and See party rather than the traditional baby shower. Personally I like the idea of the Sip and See party because you actually have something to celebrate.

The tradition originated from Europe where the North American tradition of a baby shower is not celebrated.  It is based on the superstition that anything can happen prior to the baby being born and that there is nothing to celebrate.

So what is a Sip and See party? It is a gathering of the new family’s close friends and family where the proud new parents introduce their baby. Guests drop by at their leisure during a set timeframe and spend time with the family. Guests can bring a gift for the new little if they so desire and finger foods and refreshments are served.

Sip and See Party Invitation

You can add a theme to the party or you can keep it simple. If you’re looking for ideas to create your own Sip and See party then check out our Pinterest Board:

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Until next time…happy planning