Monetary Gifts…to put on the invitation or not?

What has become a common question for couples when putting together their invitations is whether or not to put that you would prefer monetary gifts on the invitation…

The simple answer is NO, the thing to remember about a wedding is that it not an opportunity for you to have a gift grab. A wedding is supposed to celebrate your love and the joining of two families.

If you do receive gifts you should be happy with what you get and not expect a cash grab.

But, if you do wish to ask for monetary gifts here is a recommendation on how to do so with a little class:

Word of Mouth and let your parents know, when your guests contact either you or your parents to find out whether you are registered somewhere you can simply communicate that you would prefer monetary gifts. That way you have given a personal touch to the request and you are not seen as being presumptious.

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Amalia Ward

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