10 Biggest Wedding Costs

So when couples get engaged they always wonder how am I going to pay for my wedding. For those who have recently been engaged I wanted to give them some insight to what the biggest cost are of a wedding and some tips on how to minimize your costs:

1. Stationary – in this digital age why not have a website created and an e-vite to go along with it that way all of your information for the wedding is all in one spot and by sending an e-vite you will save on postage.

2. Music – only get what you are need, focus on having music for your reception, rather than the ceremony yourself. Create an iPod mix for the ceremony and play that for your procession, definitely make your entrance your own.

3. Drinks – know your guests, if you know that your guests are drinkers keep your liquor choices to a standard bar, once you decide to go with a premium bar, your costs begin to rise.

4. Attire – remember is one day and you will never wear your wedding dress again, remember that the dress only needs to look good in photographs and be very comfortable, as you will be in the dress for more than 14 hours.

5. Flowers – exotic and out of season flowers will add to the costs of your budget, I would suggest that you look for  a florist that specialize in using in-season local flowers to create your bouquets and centrepieces.

6. Photography – This may be one area where you get what you pay for in terms of quality, but not that a larger package will be offered. Try to ensure that you are only getting what you need; all the added extras may sound nice but decided whether you really need them.

7. Rings – Precious metals and gems will cost you the most in terms of rings, perhaps think about sourcing your rings at a wholesaler or broker.

8. Honeymoon – Delay your honeymoon, while you may want to get away right after your wedding travelling to your desired destination in off-peak season will save you money and may allow you and your spouse to connect on a deeper level.

9. Food – While it may be wonderful to have the top quality food at your wedding always remember that just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean that it will taste that good and appeal to the tastes of your guests. Try to keep your food choice simple and that will keep your costs down.

10. Venue – Try having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, while these off-days are becoming more popular and the cost may rise, most venues have reduced rates for these dates. Be careful that your wedding date is not a long weekend; venues may charge a premium rate.

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