Wedding Favours & Promotional Bags… when is it too much?

We have all been to Weddings or Tradeshows where you receive a favour that you don’t know what you are going to do with or you go to a tradeshow and receive a bag filled with tons of paper and stuff that you will only wind up throwing out.

So what do you as a couple deciding on favours do or you as company decide whether or not to do a gift bag; here are 5 tips for a couple deciding on favours and 5 tips for companies on what to do for a gift bag.

Wedding Favour Tips:

1. Make it something that your guests can use. (ex. – Luggage Tags)
2. Only give on per couple/family.
3. Have the favour represent you as a couple. (ex. Create a recipe book)
4. Have the favour pull double duty – use it as part of your decor for the wedding.
5. Make it a fun and interactive favour.

Tradeshow Gift Bag Tips:

1. Make your gift bag unique and bold.
2. Make the gift bag pull double duty – a reusable tote with your company logo.
3. Don’t fill it with pamphlets and paper pieces – perhaps a promotional offline offer to have them come back to you at a later date.
4. Make sure the quality is high as this represents your brand.
5. Be strategic about who you give them to.

Until next time,

Amalia Ward
Talen Events
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