Determining your Guest List

So you have gotten engaged and are now at the point where you need to create a guest list of who you want to be at the big event. The guest list can be one of the most contentious issues that may arise when you are planning your wedding especially if you both come from a large family. We want to give you some tips and little tricks that may help you in deciding on who will be invited to wedding.

1. Decide on the number of people that you would like at the wedding. Share this number with your parents, so that they understand that not everyone they believe should be at the wedding will be invited.

2. Determine who is paying for the wedding; if you and your soon to be spouse are paying for the entire wedding then you will have final say on the numbers of guests being invited. If your parents are paying for part of the wedding, it is only fair that they be allowed to have a few guests at the wedding.

3. Sit down separately and write out who you each feel needs to be at the wedding; then sit down together to see who you both add on your list to invite. Those persons will be on the definite invite list.

4. Dealing with the plus one; if you are inviting a friend and they have a significant other that you have not met or spent time with before the wedding then they are not invited.

5. Go through your list of friends, if you have not seen them in the six months before you were engaged; then they shouldn’t be on the list.

6. Don’t invite people so that you can make a head count number, remember the people that are at your wedding are supposed to be there because they support your relationship.

7. Do have a back up list of people you would like to invite, in life not everyone can make your special day and sometimes you need to make cuts in numbers so that you can stay within budget. Having this list makes it easier for you to send out an invite to those persons’.

Until next time, happy planning.

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