Speeches at Weddings….Brevity is Key!

Have you every been at a wedding where speeches begin and it seems like you are sitting there forever as a number of guests get up to wish the couple well in their marriage? This is one of those points in a wedding where your guests become easily bored as they don’t know what to do and begin to do one of two things: fiddle with items on the table or begin side conversations while the speech is being given.

So how do you get around this and ensure that your speeches are brief and to the point? Here are some tips on who should be giving speeches and when those speeches should be given.

1. Identify how many speeches you would like to have throughout the reception; ideally the following speeches should be given:

A. Parent’s of the Bride 
B. Parent’s of the Groom
C. Maid of Honour
D. Best Man
E. The Happy Couple

2. Set a time limit; identify the people who will be speaking and inform them of the amount of time that has been allotted for them to speak. Rule of thumb it should be no more than 5 minutes.

3. Set guidelines on what the speeches can be about; there is nothing more embarrassing than one of the speakers divulging an embarrassing story from your past to all of your guests.

4. Space your speeches throughout the appetizer, dinner and dessert portion of the evening.

5. Instead of having an open mic perhaps you can have the MC provide a well-wish to the happy couple on behalf of everyone in attendance.

6. A new trend that is popping up at weddings and other events is to have a video guest book. This is a really cool way that you can have your guest wish you well and not take up part of your reception.  It also gives you and your spouse an opportunity to watch the DVD of all the speeches and have a good laugh.

Some companies that provide video guest books:

– Guest Moments: www.guestmoments.com
– Soapboxbooths: www.soapboxbooths.com

Until next time, Happy Planning

Amalia Ward
Talen Events


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