A Walk down the Aisle – How to Make it Memorable

The walk down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding traditionally has signified the beginning of the wedding and is the point in the ceremony where all eyes turn to the bride. It is usually done to Pachelbel in Canon D followed by the Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. But now more and more couples are opting for a choreographed entrance into their wedding.

We all remember the couple who, with their bridal party entered their wedding to Chris Brown’sForever

Not only was this a very nice way to begin the wedding, but it also set the tone for the wedding. It showed the couple as themselves and not a version of the traditional bride and groom.

We recently did two weddings where the entrances to the wedding were both very unique. One wedding the couple didn’t want to walk down the aisle but enter together and just have the ceremony begin. Guests were caught off guard, but it did let them know that the ceremony was not going to follow normal traditions and was going to be a very intimate affair.

For another wedding the entrance was quite elaborate, the bridal party was made up of 16 including the Bride and Groom. The bridesmaids were escorted up the aisle to their position at the alter and then because both the bride and groom were huge basketball fans, the groom and his groomsmen then entered the church as though they were the starting line up of their basketball team; Chicago Bulls theme and all. Finally the Bride came down the aisle to a song specifically chosen for her. As an architect I will say that this was one of the most difficult entrances to a wedding to pull together, not because of the number of players but getting each member of the wedding party to remember what they were supposed to be doing.

While it’s a wonderful idea to make your entrance your own you must also be careful with the following:

– Not to offend anyone with your song choice

– Not to make the entrance too long

– Make sure all of those involved are comfortable with the entrance

– Make the entrance respectable


This is the moment that will set the tone for your wedding and the rest of day, but remember to have fun with it.

Until next time happy planning

Amalia Ward
Talen Events