Should a day of wedding coordinator meet with all vendors before a wedding?

In the past, when I have been a day-of coordinator, I usually met the other vendors for the wedding via email beforehand and then face to face on the actual wedding day. Recently, though, I have decided to take the step to meet in person with all of the vendors involved in the wedding day prior to the actual wedding. You may be wondering why I have taken this step, but I now feel it is necessary to ensure that we are all on the same page and clearly understand the role that each of us will play on the day of the wedding.

A day-of wedding coordinator should meet with all vendors in person before the wedding for the following reasons:

1. It allows you to put a face to the name of the vendor you are working with so that you don’t have to spend 15 minutes the day of the wedding getting to know each other. After all, you’ll both have plenty of other things to do that day!

2. It lets you discuss who is responsible for what and ensures that each vendor delivers on what they are contracted to do.

3. It allows you to review the wedding itinerary in finer detail and address any questions concerning timing or the flow of the event.

4. It gives you an opportunity to discuss any other special requirements that the vendors may need for the day of.

5. It creates a level of comfort between you and everyone involved with the event, which helps ensure that the event will run smoothly.

Until next time, happy planning!

Amalia Ward
Talen Events