Tips for surviving the Bridal Tradeshow

Fall has arrived and with that comes the arrival of the Fall Bridal shows, this upcoming weekend of October 19 to October 21 are two of the largest bridal shows National Bridal Show and Canada’s Bridal Show that will help you garner ideas for your wedding vision. If you are newly engaged and have just begun the planning of your wedding these shows can be very overwhelming and you may not get accomplished what you intend to. We want to give you some tips on how to prepare for the shows and how to get the most out of the show:

1. Do, some prep work on which vendors are going to be at the show; check out their websites to find out if they are really a vendor you would like to approach about providing their services for your wedding.

2. Prepare some questions to engage the vendor, you will have limited time with them so you will need to make the most of your time.

3. Don’t go with a large group of people; you need to stay focused and not allow others ideas and opinions cloud what information that you are there to gather.

4. Don’t take brochures or information packs from every vendor, all you will have when you get home is a pile of paper that you will need to sort through and have no intention of contact.

5. Don’t try and wheel and deal at the tradeshow, vendors see hundreds of couples and will try to give you a deal on the spot, but there may be stipulations that vendors may not go through with you in a brief meeting.

6. Do try and make appointments to meet with vendors that you will want a quote from.

7. Wear comfortable clothing; it may sound weird but you will be doing a lot of walking and you will get very hot as you walk the floor.

8. Best time to go to the show is early in the morning, as the vendors will have more time to engage with you. Between the hours of 12pm to 4pm that is the time when the shows are usually packed with couples.

9. Most important HAVE FUN, you are looking for ideas to bring your vision of your wedding to life. Be open-minded to the possibility that you may see something that you didn’t think could be part of your wedding, but may just be the centerpiece of the event.

Until next time happy planning,

Amalia Ward
Talen EventsYour vision, your experience.