Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Navigating the world of social media when it comes to your own personal life is already complicated enough of as it is. As a society we feel the need to capture every moment of our own lives and create a digital album of our own experiences; but how do you navigate social media when it comes to your friends and family with respect to their big events.

We have all been to those events where everyone has their smartphones out and are snapping away pictures to everything, in some cases getting in the way of the photographers ( I can do an entire post on how much that annoys professional photographers, but I will save that for another time 🙂 ). Within hours of the event those images are already posted to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and you as the couple have not had time to digest your special day and see any of these pictures.

The reality is that the only pictures that should be posted to any social media platforms are pictures of you and you alone. Let the couple control what the digital imprint of their wedding is. Here are couple of social media etiquette tips:

1. Don’t post any pictures of the couple until they have done so; if they are not on any social media platforms then don’t post any pictures of them.
2. Don’t use your smartphone during the ceremony and reception; enjoy the event that is the main reason that you are there.
3. Don’t block the view of the person behind you trying to capture a picture.
4. Don’t congratulate the couple on social media until they have announced it ; if they have not announced it on any social media platforms then don’t mention it.


For the couples getting married how do you communicate to your guests what type of digital imprint you want for your wedding; there are two very effective ways to do so:

1. If you have a wedding website create a section with at addresses what role you want social media to play in your wedding.
2. On the program for your wedding indicate whether or not you wish to have pictures posted to any social media platforms. If you do have fun with it create a hashtag for the day and encourage your guests to tag their photos with it.


The most important thing to remember is that weddings are a celebration and people are meant to enjoy themselves

As always happy planning and celebrating!
Until Next Time…