Early Wedding Trends of 2012

We are 8 months through 2011, but most planners and couples are well on their way to planning their wedding for 2012. Some early trends are starting to pop up:

1. Victorian Style Weddings Gowns – Brides are starting to move away from the sleek fitted gowns and are moving to much fuller skirts and corseted bodices.

2. Multiple Gowns – More and more brides are opting to purchase two dresses one for the ceremony and one for the reception. The second dress may not even be white, but one of the colours of the wedding.

3. Wedding colours – Carry over from 2011 are the bold colours, but you are also starting to see more neutral colour like beige and pale blues are being incorported.

4. Wedding Food – Grooms cakes and good night stations these two trends are one a way of allowing the groom to have his own moment at the wedding and the good night stations are a way to give your guests a late night snack before they leave to go home.

5. Wedding Bouquets – still keeping on trend with smaller intimate styling but soft colours are the main trend and fuller flowers.

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Amalia Ward
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