To hire a DJ or Not Hire a DJ: Things to think about when choosing a DJ for an event

I recently attended an event where the DJ didn’t entertain as well as they could have and this in turn completely changed the vibe of the event. So this led me to think about writing this blog. Here are a couple of tips for you to think about when choosing a DJ for an event:

1. Age group of the crowd – There is nothing more embarrassing than hiring a DJ that doesn’t match the majority of the crowd and plays music that does connect with the attendees.

2. Thematic & Vibe – You don’t want to hear music that will be deemed inappropriate for the crowd. Sit down with your DJ prior to hiring them to ensure they are playing for music that will not make guests uncomfortable.

3. Experience – with the advent of iTunes and digital music everybody thinks that they can be a DJ. The reality is that DJ’s have to have the ability to read the crowd to know when something is not working and change it up to keep the event going.

4. Role of the DJ – Ask yourself if the DJ’s role is to interact with the crowd and getting them up and involved or is their role to keep a constant sound of music in the background as part of the backdrop of your event. This may be an opportunity where you can create your own play-list for the event and have that playing in the background.

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Amalia Ward
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