Do’s and Don’ts of Invitations

When creating invitations for an event there are couple of key elements of etiquette to keep in mind; these are not hard and fast rules that you must follow, but these will allow you not to offend your guest particularly if your event is multi-generational:


1. Ensure you have the correct spelling of your guest’s names and addresses.

2. Include postage on your RSVP envelope, this will ensure that your guests send the RSVP back.

3. If you have not received a RSVP from your guests wait one week before giving them a call.

4. Include “Save the Date” postage in your budget.

5. Send your invitations 4 to 6 weeks before the event.

6. Remember to include the hour of your event on your invitation, indicate as well the dress code of the event.

7. Order about 15-20 extra invitations; just in case you may make mistakes.

8. Use third person phrasing.

9. Do indicate if a “plus one “where appropriate.

10. Do indicate where or not the bar is a cash bar.



1. Give too much information, stick to the basics.

2. E-mail your save the date information.

3. Send Gift Registry information; include this in your shower invitation.

4. Don’t use abbreviations other than the usual Mr., Mrs., Dr., and Jnr.

5. Don’t use labels on your invitations or envelopes; it is better if they are handwritten.

6. Don’t seal the envelopes and then write the names and addresses on the envelope, you may leave marks and indents on the invitation.

7. Don’t invite people unless they are invited to the entire event.

8. Don’t forget to include appropriate inserts


Until next time, happy planning.

Amalia Ward
Talen Events
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