Do’s and Don’ts for choosing your Wedding Officiant

When it comes to choosing the officiant that will preside over your wedding there are a couple of things to keep in mind:



1. Do know the regulations of the city you are getting married in to ensure that under that cities law they can marry you.

2. Do ensure that the officiant you choose can actually marry you; for example in the Province of Ontario for religious ceremonies only an official of a recognized religon and has authorization from the Office of the Registrar General. In a non-religious ceremony only a Judge, Justice of the Peace or a Municipal Clerk can perform the ceremony.

3. Do talk to the selected officiant before your ceremony to ensure that they understand what is important to you as a couple.

4. Do find out how long your officiant has been performing wedding ceremonies.

5. Do find out if they will write the ceremony for you or whether you will have input in the creation of your ceremony. With some officiants they will write the ceremony for you and then have you approve the direction for the ceremony.

6. Do find out if the officiant charges a standard fee or do they accept a simple donation.

7. Do find out how far the officiant will travel for a ceremony. Some officiants may put a cap on how far they will travel for a particular ceremony.

8. Do find out how many ceremonies does the officiant perform in a single day. Most officiants can do up to 3 wedding ceremonies in one day.

9. Do book your officiant as soon as possible; you don’t want to be caught at the last minute with someone that you are not comfortable with.



1. Don’t get left at the alter by your officiant, ensure that you have a written document oultining the date and time of your ceremony and confirm the day before that they know where they need to be and what time.

2. Don’t assume that your officiant will provide you will marriage counselling this is something that you will need to ask for; sometimes marriage counselling can only be provided by religious officiants.

3. Don’t over complicate your requirements for your ceremony;as you work through the preparation of your ceremony with the officiant let them guide you with their expertise.

4. Don’t just hire an officiant based on a few conversations, if possible you should go and see the officiant perform a ceremony to ensure that they fit the needs of your ceremony.

5. Don’t think that your officiant will be at your rehearsal; this may come at an extra cost.

Until next time happy planning,

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