Choosing a Honeymoon Destination – Tips on what to think about

The planning of the ceremony and reception is almost complete; you and your fiancé are now ready to turn your attention to your honeymoon. You are all excited thinking about where you are going to go and for how long; but there some key things you should think about when trying to decide your honeymoon destination:

1. Cost: You have just spent quite a bit of money on your wedding and you have always dreamt of going to some far off exotic local, but the reality is that those exotic vacations tend to cost quite a bit more than the all-inclusive resort that you may have gone to early in your relationship. The best way to address the cost is to do some research and determine if the exotic locals may have a down period and it may be cheaper to go there at that time.

2. Timing: A common trend that is happening is couples going on their honeymoon months after their wedding. The reasoning for that may be two-fold; the couple may want to save up money so that they can go on their dream honeymoon or they just can’t get the time off from work. But something that you should keep in mind when you are ready to go to your chosen destination it may not be a good time to go.

3. Weather: Be sure to research the weather patterns of your chosen destination. You don’t want to choose a destination where when you arrive you find out that it is the rainy season or a cool season or hot season. It will definitely be a disappointing trip.

4. Type of Destination: Depending on the type of couple that you are will determine where you will go on your honeymoon try to find a destination that will cover many of the hobbies that you will enjoy together as a couple.

5. Political Climate: Unfortunately the world is becoming a bit more hostile and many of the places that couples would travel to for their honeymoons have become political hotspots. It is best that you check the government travel advisories as you plan your trip. If you do decide to travel to those destinations just know where your country of origins consulate or embassy is and be sure to check in with them so that if anything happens they know that you are in the country and can help you if you need to get out of the troubled region quickly.


Remember that this is a time for you as a couple to relax and enjoy each others company…so take the time to plan your honeymoon.

Until next time happy planning!

Amalia Ward,
Talen Events