Pinterest – Great way to organize, find and share ideas for your events


So over the past few months you may have seen a number of vendors and planners joining this new social media experience called Pinterest. So what is Pinterest exactly, it is a website where you can scroll through thousands and thousands of images and create different boards that other people can repin. Even better is that you can add a plug-in to your browser so that as you are researching and finding images you can pins those images to your boards immediately.

The greatest thing about Pinterest is that it can keep you organized as you begin to plan any event; by creating different boards you identify images of what you would like each aspect of your event to look like. This will help you when you start to meet with vendors to have a visual reference as your begin to shape the look and feel of your event.

You can also share your ideas with others and gain followers very similar to Twitter and Facebook, these ideas are not just restricted to your own network through Twitter and Facebook, but as you pin and repin items other people from around the world will begin to follow you. You can then scroll through their boards to gain ideas and insights. As well you can share your pins on your Facebook and Twitter news feeds.

There are about 40 sub groups that you can search through; as well as a search function for a specific topic that you may be looking for.

Things to keep in mind as you begin to use Pinterest to help organize and find visual references for your events.

–  You may have to wait to be added once you sign up, because of Pinterest’s popularity they have been inundated with requests to join. Usually within a week you will receive confirmation invite to join.

 You can be overwhelmed with the number of images that you will see and can pin, but if you have a clear focus of what your event will be you probably won’t stray to far from your vision.

–  You don’t have to pin every image you see for a specific aspect that you may be looking for, doing that will just create a board that makes no sense to you when you go to look at it later.

There are many planners and event architects that are using Pinterest as a way to create inspirations boards for visions of different events. These are a good place to begin your search for ideas for your event. These boards can help you to see how things can be put together that you may not have thought of in the first place. As well their boards can give you an insight into there personal style and you may even consider meeting with them to help you plan your event.

We at Talen Events have joined Pinterest and look forward to sharing with you our different visions for different events and hope that you can find ideas of things for your upcoming events.

So check us out on Pinterest

Until next time, happy planning!
Amalia Ward