Corporate Events: To invite the spouse/partner or not and things to think about

You have been invited to a corporate event and you would like to bring your spouse/partner. Well, there are some things that you should think about before doing so:

1. Will there be other spouses there?– you don’t want to be the only attendee that brings there partner; especially if there are no activities planned to include partners

2. Will you be required to pay for your spouse’s attendance to the event? Many corporations are cutting back on paying for spouses to attend as it is not seen as a good use of corporate funds.

3.How much time will you have to spend with your spouse? – If you are in workshops and presentations all day other than breaks and evenings when will you see your spouse?

While it may be nice to have your spouse on the trip to spend some quality time together. Depending on the structure of the event, it may be better for your spouse to stay at home.

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