The 3 R’s of Wedding Flowers

Want to find a way to blend your eco – savvy style into your wedding day? Why not start with your flowers! Talen Events offers you some tips and advice on keeping the 3 R’s top of mind on your wedding day:

Reduce – The idea of walking into a room filled with flowers can be ever so tempting but how long are they really going to last? Finding local and in season flowers can be tough as it is, but don’t forget to ask your local florist about how you can reduce the use of flowers. Can your ceremony flowers be used at your reception? Can your bouquets be put in vases on your head table to add a little kick? Remember, sometimes less IS more and adding just the right amount of flowers can add that elegant, classy, and simple look most brides crave.

Reuse – Have beautiful bamboo that you’d like to showcase at your wedding? How about use a centerpiece that’s potted so that people can take home and place on their window sill? Finding new and unique ways to showcase your beautiful flower style can go a long way and really work to reduce the footprint on your special day.

Recycle – Don’t let those beautiful flowers go to waste. Find a way to redistribute them once your day is over and you’re catching some sweet rays on your dream honeymoon. Some great ways to reuse your flowers can be to give them away to guests, or find a hospital or retirement home who would be happy to take them! Some florists will even take back used or dead flowers to add to compost so that they can keep brides happy for centuries to come!

Enjoy your day & Happy Planning,

Tiffany & Amalia

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