Eco-Friendly Guide to Wedding Invitations

Just got engaged and looking for a way to simplify and green up your wedding invitations? Well, we’re here to help with these tips and tricks to eco-friendly wedding invitations.

1. Go Paperless – Ever sent an evite before? E-vites are a great way to save paper, the environment and cold hard cash on your wedding day. Simply check out a website like and see all the different types of cards you can send. Evite will also track your RSVPs and allow you to send out information closer to the day.

2. Post consumer what!? – 100% Post consumer Recycled Invitations are a great way to reduce your footprint right up to your special day. What does the percentage mean? Most paper has around 20-30% post consumer recycled content — but you can shoot for the sky with 100% making sure that no tree was harmed to make your wedding invitation. For a little added eco-friendly goodness you can also ask your local printer if he can print using a more natural soy based ink.

3. Mix it up? – Hey, we get that some of your guests wouldn’t know the difference between the computer and the toaster oven so why not break it up? Send evites to the technologically savvy, and the rest can have an invitation.

Weddings Invitations can be recycled and gorgeous.. so check out your local organic or natural stationary shop for more information about wedding invitations that fit your budget and style.
And as always… Happy Planning!
Amalia & Tiffany

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