3 R’s of Wedding Attire

Eco Wedding Dress
Eco Wedding Dress

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It’s time to pick up the dresses and the tuxes, but wait, you’re probably wondering if you can keep to your “green” theme and still have the wedding attire of your dreams? Of course! We present you the 3R’s of Wedding Attire as proposed by Emily Andersen of Eco-Chic Weddings:


  • Say no to white: Get a dress in your best colour and truly dazzle with your unique flair. Opt for not-quite-white and get a wedding dress made from non-chemically treated, natural, earth-friendly fabric; soy, hemp silk, organic silk, organic cotton, organic wool, tencel and bamboo are the main fabrics available.
  • Support fair trade: Purchase your gown from a company that practices fair trade. (Fair trade practices include: good wages for workers, adequate employee benefits like healthy work environments, fair hours, and health care.)
  • Keep it simple: Get a simple dress and add the pretty details yourself.


  • Wear your mother’s dress: Can you wear your mother’s dress? Or maybe your grandmother, aunt, cousin or friend would welcome sharing their own gown with you for your special day.
  • Share your dress: Pick a dress with a friend, sister or cousin who is also getting married and make a pact to share the dress between the two of you. This will give even more meaning to the dress because it will hold such special memories for both of you.
  • Use earth-friendly dry cleaning: It’s better for your dress and better for the environment. Don’t wrap it in plastic — the chemicals from the plastic could ruin your dress. Put it in a box (with no window) wrapped in non-dyed paper. Store it in a mild, dry climate — a cedar closet would be ideal. You will ensure someone, someday can wear your dress on their wedding day.


  • Think ahead: Get a dress that can be remade into a fun, flirty cocktail dress post-wedding.
  • Help someone else: Donate your dress to a charitable organization and help make someone else’s wedding dreams come true.
  • Invest in recyclable materials: Natural fabric that hasn’t been dyed or treated with toxic chemicals is not only healthier for you, but it is more beautiful and richer feeling than chemically altered material. You can also be sure it will be recycled someday rather than seeping chemicals back into the earth in a landfill.

For more information about eco-wedding attire check out:
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Happy Attire Hunting

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