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So few weeks ago Amalia embarked on a journey to kick-start herself physically, spirtually and emotionally. While attending the Smartbride Boutique Spring Charity ( event, She happened to meet Sammie Richards the creator and owner of Booty Campy Fitness, through Suzanne Colmer the owner of YourGiftShop Girl (

Sammie has created a program where women can work out with other women, without the pressure of scrutiny sometimes experienced at the gym. Working out 2 hours a week at camp and 1 additional hour at home will kickstart your fitness routine and show you results in as little as two weeks. Booty Camp Fitness uses the core princples of the following disciplines:

  • Circuit Training
  • Hand to Hand cardio combat (no contact)
  • Core strengthening
  • Body sculpting
  • Yoga

Classes can take place indoors or outdoors and are broken into 4 week and 8 week sessions, you can go at your own pace, as well. Either way you’re going to SEE results.

“What is great about the classes is that if you’re getting married and you and your bridal party would like to get into shape for your big day, Booty Camp fitness is a great way to bond and have fun working out.”

Amalia was able to lose 6 inches. Beyond that she says it helped her became more focused more determined and gave her a whole new outlook on life. Her eating habits have improved and she feels much more confident.

For more information about BootyCamp Fitness check out the website at:

To a healthier you,

Amalia & Tiffany

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