Smartbride Boutique – 5 Tips For your Wedding Dress Purchase!

In our previous blog about Smartbride Boutique we spoke about the tips for sellers to get the best results, now we will focus on what you as a buyer should be looking for when deciding to buy your wedding dress or any other items from the boutique:

Tips for Buyers

1. Look for dresses that have already been cleaned. Then you’ll know which stains are permanent.

2. Deal locally so you can:

o Try the dress on – alterations can completely change the fit of the gown.

o Inspect the dress for stains or damages

3. Take a friend or your mom the same way you would to a bridal salon. They can be there to spot inconsistencies when your eyes start to go cross from all the different dresses!

4. Ask for the name and number of the seamstress who did the initial alterations, they know the dress best. A good tip is to call the seamstress before buying the dress with any questions you have. They will be able to tell you if the alternations you need will help or harm the overall look of the dress.

5. Do your Research! Check the retail prices, check out how much the asking price is and get ready to negotiate!

Here is an example of the dresses that are on, this a

Vera Wang Wedding Gown.

As always for more information please check out the website

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