To hire or not hire an Event Architect…that is the question?

So you have an event you want to put together but you don’t know where to start and how to start, so you decide that you want to have an Event Architect come on board but you don’t know if you really need one

To help you make that decision Talen Events wanted provide you a small questionnaire; below are 9 questions you should ask yourself, if you find that you answer “Yes” to 4 or more of these questions then you should seek out an Event Architect.

Here we go:

1. Do you work more than 35 hours a week?
2. Is your free time spent doing extra-curricular activities, sports, work-related events, family celebrations?
3. Do you have a strict budget to adhere to?
4. Are there specific ideas and traditions that may need to be blended into the event?
5. Do you want to find a unique way to bring your event to life?
6. Do you want access to high quality, affordable vendors in your area?
7. Do you want to have someone around who will be the neutral person for any disagreements that may arise during the planning of your event?
8. Do you need someone to help you with negotiations and contracts?
9. Do you want to enjoy your event and not have to worry about every little mixup along the way?

Remember, hiring an Event Architect doesn’t mean you lose all rights to planning your event. It’s still your event and any qualified Event Architect will make sure your event is still the main focus throughout the planning process. Even if you wanted to plan your day yourself, there are always options to have someone around for the week of or event day so that emergencies can be dealt with and you can have the much needed calm and solace to enjoy the event you worked so hard to plan.

If you have any questions, about what an event architect can do for you, ask! There’s no harm and most consultants will even meet you for a free consultation to make sure you’re the perfect match. So it’s risk-free! If you’re interested in a free consultation with Talen Events, email us today at,

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