Deciding on a theme for your event

So now that you have decided you need to hire an event architect for your event, the next step is deciding your event theme. The purpose of your event theme is to provide a backdrop for your event; the theme should never overpower your guests and the focus of your event.

Here are 7 questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a theme:

1. Is your event a commemorative anniversary?
2. Are their specific traditions that need to be incorporated?
3. Who are your intended guests for your event?
4. What is the age range for your event?
5. What time of the day are you looking at for your event?
6. What type of venue is your event being held in?
7. What type of format is your event?

Once you have answered these questions then you can begin brainstorming your theme. These questions are just a guideline to point you in a direction for your theme so that your guests ultimately enjoy the event.

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