Read the Fine Print: 8 Unexpected Costs of Events

You are well on your way to planning your event, staying within your budget and either you or your planner are negoitating to remain within your budget .One of the things that all planners and clients need to be constantly reminded of are the hidden costs that may come when putting an event together. The list below is often not included in the quote that you may be provided. As a result you may receive and invoice that is higher than the quote you based your decisions on. The thing to keep in mind when signing contracts for your vendors is to read the fine print in all of your contracts concerning the follow list below:

1. Sales Tax
2. Gratuities and Tips
3. Delivery Fees
4. Postage
5. Overtime
6. Bar Setup Fees
7. Additional Guests
8. Venue Fees

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Amalia Ward,
Talen Events, your vision, your experience.



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