Having entertainment at your next corporate meeting or not?

The question to have entertainment or not is always a question that event planners have to deal with when planning a conference. There is a school of thought that when at a conference you should only have one goal in mind and you must ensure that you achieve, while others believe that without a little bit of fun your delegates rentention of the information provided at the conference will be less.

Put yourself in the delegate’s shoes. They have been at a conference for the last few days, they have been talked at; talked too and now they are all talked out. All they want is a little bit of fun to close out the event.

So here are a few tips of how you keep your event entertainment fresh and exciting:

1. Make the entertainment sophisticated; perhaps you have a small musical quartet playing when the event begins.

2. Audience participation: Having a group come in and get the crowd going is always a good way to have delegates let loose a little bit.

3. Add a little spice to the event by hiring a dance groupe to perform, it can be Latin, Hip-Hop or Ballroom.  Who knows, maybe even some of your delegates might get up and try.

4. Music: Hire a professional DJ that will play up tempo, upbeat music that will get the delegates going and having some fun.

5. Pick something trendy: magician, a tattoo artist or comedian.  The sky is the limit.  But keep your budget in mind.


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Amalia Ward
Talen Events
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