5 Trends that are Reshaping Corporate Events

Like any good thing it has to go through some sort of evolution as the environment that it resides in changes; this is currently what is happening in the corporate event world. Here are the 5 things that are reshaping Corporate Events:

1. The move from PowerPoint to Business Theatre – Corporate presentations have become a mini Broadway show in itself with music, video and interactive digital content that makes the attendees of the presentation a part of the presentation.

2. The Corporate Client as the producer – A few years ago many corporations would hire an external partner to create and produce the “presentation” element of the event, but we are moving into a world where the client is more technologically savvy and they are pushing the envelope on what the presentation will be to the attendees.

3. Webcasting vs. Live Events – With the economy not doing very well and corporations looking at ways to run efficiently. More and more companies are moving towards gathering a large number of attendees in one location and streaming the presentation for them. It also allows more people to engage with the presentation at a lesser cost.

4. Advancement in Technology – Technology has changed the way in which corporate events are seen by attendees, we have moved away from simple flat 2-D presentations to High Definition. This allows the presentation to come alive and be more enticing to the attendees.

5. Wide Screen Presentation – corporate presentations have moved away from the pull-up screen, televisions or computer screens and moved to full movie theatre. This allows for more creativity when corporations are creating presentations.

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