Wedding Trade Shows through the Eyes of a Bride

I generally like to go to the various trade shows throughout the year to see what is trending in the Wedding industry, what new vendors I may be able to work with and just to be creatively inspired. This year I chose to attend two tradeshows and as I was making my way down I decided to view each tradeshow through the eyes of a bride. I attended two bridal shows Canada’s Bridal Show and the Total Wedding Show just to see if I experienced the the same emotions and sensations.

Upon arriving at each of the tradeshows I was met with so many stimulants to my sense that I got a little confused and was unable to focus. There was so much going on that I had to take a moment to get my bearings. Each of these trade shows had an amazing customer experience. From the moment you entered you greeted and given directions on where to go. As I observed there were two kinds of brides. The organized and the excited bride and their experiences and movements were interesting to watch. The organized bride knew exactly which vendors she wanted to see and where they were located and did not get swayed by all the other vendors trying to capture their attention. The organized bride may only have had one or two people with her and moved at a rapid pace through the show. The excited bride was speaking with every single vendor and was taken in by all the specials and deals that were being put in front of them, I even heard one of the many excited brides I saw remark from her friend “you don’t even have a date yet, how can you be signing up for any services?” bride’s response “we wil figure it out”

Attending a tradeshow without a plan can leave you with an overwhelming sensation of not knowing how or when you are able to plan your wedding. I came home with two full bags of information, free samples and not even knowing where to begin in sorting through all the “stuff” I received.

Wedding Trade Shows

So how can the excited bride become the organized bride? Here are a few tips:

1. Take some time to enjoy your excitement of getting married; there is no rule that says that as soon as you get engaged you must begin planning your event.

2. Start creating a vision for your wedding; this will give you a focal point for your wedding, so that as you begin to source vendors you can stay on track with the look and feel of your wedding. It is really good to keep it in the form of a board that you can add or remove images from.

3. Have a plan as to what you are looking for when you attend a tradeshow; you must remember that for all the vendors who are showcasing at the show this is there way to acquire business. So they will be giving you as many specials and deals to have you hire them for your wedding.

4. Use the tradeshow as a space to be inspired and get ideas, if you see something that a vendor is offering and feel that it will fit the vision of your wedding; get the vendors card and contact them afterwards.

5. Try not signing any contracts at tradeshow; it is important that you have the proper time to review the contract that you are considering signing. Ask to set up another meeting to go over the contract and what services you are specifically hiring the vendor to provide.

Until Next time, happy planning!

Amalia Ward
Event Architect

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