How to Choose a Wedding Coordinator Part Two: What to Expect from a Wedding Consultant?

If you’ve read our article on Why to Hire a Wedding Planner, but are still confused as to what to expect from a Wedding Planner, we’re here to help!

Here at Talen Events, we’ve made it our mission to help and guide our clients through the whole planning process as smoothly as possible. To make sure that the wedding they are imagining is made into a reality. Every wedding consultant is different, so make sure you ask your planner what to expect from their services. If you asked us, our answer would be five-fold.

What can you Expect from a Talen Wedding Planner?

  1. Trained professional who is dedicated to ensuring an elegant, affordable and high quality wedding from the planning process to the thank you cards.
  2. A Complimentary Consultation with the bride and groom to share information about the special day
  3. An Extensive Vendor list of high quality and eco-friendly alternatives for the couple.
  4. A Helpful Hand during the contract process offering advice when asked to make an The Resolve to do whatever it takes to make sure the event runs smoothly.
  5. Along with that, the list of duties a wedding coordinator can take care of is endless. But we’ve broken it down and listed the top seven responsibilities you can expect from an eco-friendly wedding planner like us.

What can a wedding coordinator do for you?

  • Create the wedding of your dreams with extensive experience and knowledge of different vendors and venues in the area.
  • Budget Management: Helping you stay on your budget and keep track of where your money is going.
  • Vendor Selection: Wedding professionals have the contacts needed to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Offering vendors and venues they know and trust.
  • Wedding Day Schedule: Planning your wedding day to make sure everyone feels comfortable, and you and your partner can enjoy the day!
  • Saving you Money: After a wedding, the first thing people say is “If I had known.. I would have saved money here.” You’re wedding planner is the one person who can tell you where to save money without anyone noticing.
  • Eco-friendly Tips: A wedding is a fresh start to a new sustainable lifestyle. Talen can provide the tips you need to hit the “green” ground running!
  • Wedding Emergency 101: Your wedding planner is your own personal bridal survival kit trained to deal with emergencies instantly.

Remember, your wedding consultant needs to be the perfect match. After all, you’re about to spend up to a year working with him or her. Take the time, to ask the right questions and make sure you have made the right decision.

As always… Happy Planning!


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